Essential Use Information - Submissions by Parties

Information on inhaler treatments for asthma and COPD that contain CFCs or that do not contain CFCs (Decisions XIV/5)

Argentina Australia Belize Bosnia & Herzegovina
Brazil Bulgaria Canada China
Croatia Cuba Czech Republic Costa Rica
Eritrea European Community Georgia Guyana
Hungary India Indonesia Israel
Jamaica Japan Lithuania Macedonia, FYR
Malaysia Mauritius Moldova Namibia
New Zealand Norway Oman Poland
Romania Singapore Slovenia Sri Lanka
South Africa United States of America Uruguay

Measures by Parties to facilitate the transition to chlorofluorocarbon-free metered-dose inhalers (Decision XII/2(3))

European Community

Plans of action regarding the phase-out of domestic use of CFC-containing metered-dose inhalers (Decision XV/5(4))

CFC stocks: Information on submitted in accordance with Decision XXIV/3, paragraph 4, Decision XXIII/2, paragraph 4 and Decision XXI/4, paragraph 1

United States of America Adobe Acrobat document (2013)
Venezuela (2010)